Oscar Ungo

Whether or not you've ever heard of him, the chances are you know someone who has.
Oscar has been professionally cutting hair for over three decades, but his quiet obsession for hair -he tells it- started during boyhood, cutting and styling his sisters' hair in the small city of Treinta y Tres.
His passion for hair drove him to pursue his education in several exotic locations beyond the borders of his quiet country, before debuting his first salon in Los Angeles, California in the late 1980's.
Oscar now resides in Miami, Florida. He is in demand for the public and on call for the private lives of some of the worlds internationally celebrated people but you would never know it. He lives by the saying, those who brag about themselves will be humbled and those who are humble will be rewarded.
Oscar strives to build a trusted relationship with all of his clients. He is in fact a hair clinician. As he gets to know you and your inner beauty he is able to create your total outer look.